Horse Meat is Not a Good Thing

Supermarkets in Europe have recently faced a scandal involving horse meat being sold as beef products.

Tesco, one of the largest supermarket chains in England, is dealing with the issue by increasing transparency in the supply train said Philip Clarke, the supermarket’s chief executive. Other measures being taken by Tesco are to check the DNA of the meat, to make sure the beef is actually beef said Clarke.

I believe that in order to put consumer’s minds at ease the English government or the supermarkets themselves, should stringently test the DNA of all the meat coming in from other countries. Testing the meat coming from other countries would help because according to this article contaminated meat found in Aldi, another English supermarket chain, came from a supplier in France.

Ad campaigns profiling the farms the meat comes for the public is something else I would recommend.

I believe campaigns  would help to put minds at ease because it makes them human and easier for people to relate to, less corporate and unknown.

Apologizing to all consumers would also be a nice touch also.


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